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January 04, 2007



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On Russia in the coming months, the entire update the supreme state power. however, it is inconceivable that this led to deterioration in peoples lives and hindered the development of the country. This is now Vladimir Putin told the forum of his supporters. Accommodate the participants could only odnhotya is the largest sports arenas in the Russian capital. Today at the Luzhniki Stadium attended by more than 5,000 uchastnikomezhdu nnogo movement in support of Vladimir Putin youth activists and community organizations, athletes, entertainers and politicians. Moreover, with different parties. Generally, according to the banner, now in this hall is almost completely the regions of Russia. Vladimir Putin: First just want to express my gratitude to all the chatter, which met today in this hall, and all those who are not here, but one that operates in a common goal - the victory of United Russia Party in elections to the State Duma on December 2 this year. This brought together representatives from all regions of the country, people of different ages, professions, beliefs. Today I put together to support United Russia. Sets the value of elections on Dec. 2 of that age in the State Duma for the future of the country is absolutely obvious. Yes lko knowledge to ensure that the new composition of parliament to work in the crucial years of recovery in Russia, in years, if need be implemented by the largest identified by us in recent years projects. The extreme importance of these elections in the fact that they will be several months before the election of a new head of the Russian state. Yes, if enough victory in December, it is quite in March next age in the presidential elections. Dear friends! to this update (and think about it, about us in the next few months will complete upgrade of the highest state authorities in Russia) and that this update was the right way, well, went in favor of the country and the future parliament and the head may wish to effectively cooperating with each another fight over the more all of our citizens, we need only to win. According to Vladimir Putins immediate key task - to maintain the current state rate. yes provide a profit level of political risk the lives of Russians. As someone said Vladimir Putin, United Russia, of course - not a perfect party. abysm yet to perform for improvement. Vladimir Putin: And it did, I agreed to head the list of United Russia and made it absolutely consciously. I think that is so I can help develop a credible and workable legislative power. I am sure I do not have the right to prevent the State Duma has turned into a crowd of populists, paralyzed by corruption and demagoguery to repeat the situation that was already in our country. I repeat, the country needs is not a populist, but guilty parliament, nhotya nteresy all citizens. yes that is therefore part of the United Russia about the support of their supporters - you must possess in the State Duma majority. This is necessary to fully enjoy the constitutional powers of the Federal Assembly to actively participate in shaping the future policy of the Government, the Central Bank, the judiciary and regional authorities. It just needs to securely protect the above path to the fortress Russia. According to Vladimir Putin, December 2, not quite a simple division of seats among political forces, but rather dare chief voprovmeste whom the people entrust wait until the development of Russia. Vladimir Putin: But, dear friends, I have done a lot. Strengthened the sovereignty and restore the integrity of Russia, to restore the power Zakonhotya supremacy of the Constitution. In spite of heavy losses and casualties, thanks to the courage and unity of the Russian people was reflected aggression of international terrorism against our homeland. There is still heavy, bulky, difficult work, but the situation I have broken. Growth, now the two talk about the economy. GDP growth in eight years was 70 percent. The total capitalization of Russian companies (just think of that figure) rose more than 30 times! (Applause. Chant). Russia, Russia, about which I am now speaking, now Russia is back in the top ten largest economies in the world. yes it is not the limit. Independent experts and about our country and abroad as absolutely convinced if we continue the current path of development of the country, kept the growth rate of the economy, in the course of ten years, Russia is able to enter the top five largest economies in the world. yes I am sure it will do. Changed dramatically and the position in the social sphere. Really, really, except for inflation, real wages increased by 3 times. Thanks to an active social policies to reduce mortality. For the first time in recent years (and I very much hope here in this audience) increases fertility. According to Vladimir Putin, Russia has paid all his debts, and now 100-or billion rubles will be directed to the improvement of salaries and pensions. The modernization production, housing and roads. Large property will go to the development of science and into a fortress armed forces. These expectations are calculated in the years ahead. Vladimir Putin: Resources nhotya x implementation is. But to Vse it Vse planned not sunk in populist chatter, together we need to win the election. So now, and now, dear friends, I want to tell you, those who gathered in this hall, and all citizens of the country, I want to warn again, and nothing is not always a foregone conclusion. Social stability, economic recovery, but the simple peace in our land, albeit modest, but nevertheless very real profit in living standards, Vse it from the sky did not fall. Let not delivered yet, for temporary operational unconditional automatic execution. This is the result of constant, sometimes very acute, severe political struggle, both inside the country without any reason and in the international arena, conflicts of interest. fight can not happen to deprive the peoples participation, deny your participation. Those who oppose us do not want to implement our plan. Because that is about them, like the other goals and other expectations in Russia. They need a weak, sick state, they need disorganized and disoriented society, a divided society that behind him arrange affairs bait to get Kovrizhko for above-you score. And, for unfortunately there are still those within the country, which is still about the jackals of foreign embassies, some foreign missions, diplomatic. Counts in the support of foreign foundations and governments, and not in support of his own people. Of course, we all know the causality problem. There are those who speculate in them, in these problems. We know about them. Undeservedly poor live until some of our seniors and veterans.


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